Give Yourself Something to Write About - More Prompts!


Well, those writing prompts…they just keep on coming! I’m fairly pleased with these, kind of nice to use photographs as inspiration. I hope you get much inspiration from these. Something for everybody, really.

There’s an erotic novel in here somewhere. What do you think? Should Narcissus and Vanity have a go at it?


“Tell me I’m pretty.”

Tired of Vanity’s never-ending demands, the mirror remained silent.

“Tell me I’m pretty!”

Vanity slapped her reflective surface.

The mirror cracked.

Vanity stopped and leaned in to embrace her reflection.

She was beautiful.


The Bridge of Serenity is always there for us.

Cross the Bridge into the realm, find a comfortable seat, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself these questions:

“What does peace look like to me?”

“What brings me peace?”

When you’re ready, write down what you found inside yourself.


“I was not one of those personable peasant girls…No possibility of a fairy tale twist of fate for me.”


Claire surrenders to the water. She is filled up with air, but already the pressure squeezes her lungs. From the depths, she hears people screaming from the pier.

They think she jumped in for tragic reasons.

Nothing could further from the truth.

Claire waits for her lover to claim her.


What’s the best way to make friends with your shadow?

Go hang where your shadow is invisible.

In the darkness.

Follow the path into the deepest recesses of the tunnel of your mind.

Invite your shadow to join you and just listen.

Your shadow has a lot to say.