June 19, 2019

So this website has been up for 5 years, and Free Flying Press has been an homage to my late brother, Robert Mahaffey, the entire time. Yet I haven’t filled out this ‘In Memoriam’ page, and I also refused to allow my former assistant to delete it.

I’ve struggled with what to say about him here. And really, how do I write a memoriam to a younger brother who risked much, lived large, suffered greatly, and chose to leave this world on his terms? Perhaps it’s strange, but the most beautiful dedication to Robert’s life and the essence of who he was came from somebody I had never met, and who wasn’t particularly close to him. It’s lovely though, how Robert made such a powerful impression and I can’t think of a more eloquent way to describe him. So whoever you are, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts about my brother.

"Man, this is such a shame.

Truth be told, I have fewer memories of Mahaffey than I would prefer. Having not seen or spoken to him in years, the memories are all quite old -- but they are vivid. In my memory, he lived life in the moment with a gusto about which many ponder but most never dare. And it was out there on the ragged, jagged edge that he tended, in my memory, to find his stride most comfortably. I'm sure it didn't even feel like the ragged edge to him. It just felt like another Wednesday afternoon. I admired that about him. And the way he went about things has to be valued in this world, even among those who would never have the guts to follow him out to that edge.

But as we now know for certain, the edge takes it toll. And for one reason or another our man Mahaffey ran out of change for the meter. It is far beyond sad that we've lost him -- and that we've lost the guy who tended to that ragged edge for us all (either in fact or in our collective recollections). And while I have said, and will say again, a prayer for our Brother, I'll also make a point to think about him in times of celebration and gusto; and I'll raise a glass and crack a smile (even if to no one but myself) for Robert Mahaffey. I think he'll appreciate that the most."

There’s more on this blog, ‘The Story Behind Free Flying Press’ for anybody who’d like to read more. Click here.

Team Z-AirTime was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was forever bonded with two of the most amazing people I have ever met. Robert Mahaffey, brilliant wild man of the team, was an incredible athlete in everything he tried.