Deliciously different dark fantasy fiction.

It's been a while since I've read something truly original, but this did it for me. - Drew

What a rare treat to find everything I look for in a story in one book: gorgeous writing, complex characters, a little magic, real emotion, and many surprises. – Erica

A truly magical tale that that keeps you spellbound with its erotic tension and beautiful writing. –Sylvie


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dark fantasy romance novel by montgomery mahaffey

Birthing Ella Bandita

She wasn't always called Ella Bandita, Thief of Hearts. For a time she wasn't called anything at all.

Daughter of an illustrious Patron, Ella has been shunned since birth by him and all the villagers. Determined to change her fate, she intends to plunge into the depths of a icy river to end it all.

But at the bank of the river she's startled by a sharp voice.

"There's another way..."

The dark Sorcerer of the Caverns stands at the bank, offering a promise. He can end her ostracism and turn her into a powerful immortal -- for a fair price.

The young woman must submit to the Sorcerer's command. When the two become spellbound in a dangerous game of seduction and magic, the young woman discovers she holds more power than she realized.



The Bard Speaks

dark fantasy romance novelette birthing ella bandita

Ella Bandita is a deadly seductress. Her peculiar tastes are for the hearts of men. She preys on those men who's concerns are only for themselves: the Gambler, the Rogue, the Charmer.

These are men who are greedy, womanizing, and proud. Yet when Ella Bandita claims her victims, she fires up rage in the people of the villages she plunders for licentious men. When Ella Bandita claims the Charmer, the women grow jealous and full of rage. They hire a Bounty Hunter to stop her thieving their men.

No wonder she is the Bard's favorite Villainess.

By the fireside the Bard weaves tales for the children of the village about Ella Bandita's conquests. How she makes one great man fall after another. He urges the children of the village to hold onto their greatest power. To always listen to their hearts.

Even with the Bard's warning, no one is safe. Ella Bandita is still an Outlaw somewhere. With such unstoppable power, will there come a man who can stand up to the infamous Thief of Hearts?


sexy dark fantasy romance by montgomery mahaffey

Raised listening to his Grandfather's tales of the deadly seductress Ella Bandita, Thief of Hearts, the Wanderer doesn't realize who the Vagabond woman truly is when he meets her in the woods. Reeling with grief over his Grandfather's death, the Wanderer helplessly pursues the young woman, wanting companionship.

But she is an Outlaw, and wants no company. Though she spurns him, the Wanderer's desire for her only grows. When he leaves the woods and returns to town, he feels an emptiness and is haunted by her. Directionless, he follows his desire and returns to the wood.

Caught in a deadly came of cat and mouse with the infamous Ella Bandita, the Wanderer stands to lose more than just his heart.

Will the words of his Grandfather echo too late in his ear? "Remember, always follow your heart..."

Suspenseful and full of magic, the steamy third installment of Ella Bandita and the Wanderer captures the intensities of loneliness and lust.

The Heart of the Lone Wolf

sexy dark fantasy novelette challenge

Everyone's heard of Ella Bandita. Tales of her conquests spread beyond the villages she haunts, leeching undeserving men of their hearts. It seems there are none who survive once prey to her powers of seduction. These men act as if spellbound, caught up in the most dangerous game.

After being cursed by Ella Bandita to live as a Wolf, the Wanderer is tormented by memories of his life as a man. Finding some reprieve in his dark grief from an unlikely friendship with a Shepherd, the Wolf makes his way back to hunt the infamous Ella Bandita. On their journey, the Wolf learns that the the Shepherd has a secret of his own.

Each of them will be tested as their journey brings them back to the Sorcerer's Caverns, where the nameless daughter of the Patron sold her heart for a change of destiny and a chance at love.

There, they will meet again, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer.