Storytelling Workshops

Let's be honest. Book readings are boring.

Even if it's a book you love...when someone gets behind a podium and reads off the page, you often find yourself eyeing the cheese and crackers and wishing your wine glass was half-full instead of completely empty.

What if instead the author didn't read stale words from the book? What if instead they captivated you with an art so powerful it was able to keep King Shahryar from killing Scheherazade for 1001 nights.

It's called Storytelling. And it will improve your writing and reading presence.

The Storytellers Workshops are for writers or storytellers that want to present their work in a dynamic and engaging way.

Bring your fiction or memoir manuscript and we'll workshop your storytelling performance with other Portland writers.

Get over your fear of speaking in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

A good memory is a golden tool to have for storytelling, but if you don't have an excellent memory, we'll cover some simple solutions to help you master the art.

Share your written language with rhythm and style.

You may find that what flows on the page and what flows verbally are different, and you can learn how to maximize both your written rhythms and spoken in this workshop series.

The more prepared you come the more you'll get out of it.

Workshops are an appreciated donation of $25 for 2-3 hours (depending on attendees)

Get $5 off subsequent visits

Workshops are held at Flanders House in Portland, Oregon.

2926 NE Flanders St, Portland, OR 97232

Dates are TBA.

To be the first to know get on the Storytellers Workshop list. I only send emails out about upcoming workshops.

Don't just 'read' your work. Bring it to life.

Through storytelling you can engage with your audience and build a team of raving fans.