Need a Laugh? Here's a List of Some Good Jokes:


Sometimes good jokes are hard to find on the internet, especially ones that aren’t childish and unfunny (I’m looking at you, knock-knock jokes). That’s why I’ve compiled this list of websites that actually have some decent jokes. I even looked for a few specific genres like Fantasy Jokes and Reading Jokes: Reading Humor / Book Lover Jokes:

Pinterest is a great resource for this one. Here are some of my favorite boards from my search:

Reading Humor - By: Henery Press

Library Humor - By: Bullitt County Public Library

Bookish Problems by Someecards - By: Beth Cheesebrough

Clever / Intellectual Jokes:

When you're too old for 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' (and far too smart of course)

Top 50 Most Intellectual Jokes - Fantasy

21 Jokes So Clever That You Probably Won’t Get Them… Definitely Won’t Get Them - Very Viral

Most of these jokes get repeated on other websites, so here are some newer and less common ones:

Newest Jokes - Reader's Digest

Fantasy / Sci-Fi Jokes:

These jokes were harder to come by, but are still my favorite:

Image Credit:

Best Fantasy Jokes - Reddit

SF & Fantasy Jokes - Fantasy & Science Fiction

David's Fantasy Jokes - David Burrows on Blogspot

I wanted to include whole websites instead of picking and choosing which jokes I found funny because I know everyone's sense of humor is different and it would be better for you to scroll through them on your own.

I hope this list could get a few laughs from you!