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Standout books is an amazon resource for indie authors. From their marketing packages to their blog advice, they throw their best out there for all of us to benefit from. From this post, they tell us writers how to make your Anti-hero tantalizing and complex. For me and my main character Ella Bandita, the iciest anti-hero if you ever saw one, this post was especially helpful.

Readers love antiheroes. Complex, often morally questionable characters who make the choices heroes won’t or can’t, and open up exciting new ways of experiencing the world.

Choosing to write an antihero gives an author a lot of freedom for the plot to go anywhere they like, but it also presents unique challenges in characterization and structure.

So how do you write a great antihero, the kind that readers obsess over, even as they find themselves unable to root for the character’s success? It’s a little to do with presentation and a lot to do with author knowledge, but it’s also almost entirely dependent on your ability to understand that you’ll have to create from scratch some elements that heroic characters have automatically.

But, as ever, first things first…

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