Portland's Unique Storytelling Event: Tea and Tales

Let's be honest, book readings can be awfully boring.

When I was younger I would go often, tempted by the allure of free wine and the hope that if I went to enough readings, I would hit upon one that totally blew me away.

Statistically, you have to sit through a lot of mind-numbingly boring readings to get to that one pot of gold.

That's why I got so excited when Portland author Montgomery Mahaffey dreamed up a different kind of way for hearing stories....one that's cozy, comfortable, engaging, and down right good -- every time.

It's Tea and Tales.

Entering the DreamSpace, you're immediately struck by its warmth. A white shaggy carpet coats the floor, the walls shine with pearlescence. From a table you choose your favorite tea mug and sift through the different high-end varieties of tea to find one that suits your mood. Then you hunker down on a large fluffy pillow and chat with fellow story-goers as you wait for the telling to begin. 


Now, you know how stale words read off a page can be, I'm sure. It's a whole 'nother thing to hear a story performed. The tale comes alive. You're enraptured.

For one hour Montgomery Mahaffey weaves tales from the old traditions -- fables from Ancient Greece, Rome, Ireland, etc. Then she'll usually end with an original story, one out of her novel Ella Bandita and the Wanderer. It's fantasy and it's dark, alluring, sexy, different.

These stories really do keep you coming back for more.

If you love a good story, and want a different kind of "night out," come by Flander's house when we're holding another Tea and Tales. The themes are always different. Sometimes there are guest storytellers or musicians rolling through. Sometimes you get a chance to tell a story.

Portland locals, join us for a night of Tea and Tales!