Discipline, Baby!


So yesterday I went to a les-bi writers meetup that I’ve belonged to for at least two years, and had never attended an event.

I had joined because I liked the focus on queer women writers.

Even if most of what I write isn’t queer – at least not directly – I still appreciate narrowing the field to create community between an intersection between identities. Being lesbian/bisexual is a specific way to be in this world, and being a writer is no less specific.

Besides realizing that I just enjoyed meeting new people for the first time since I left my now-ex-fiancee, that was an excellent cure for writer’s block.

I’ve hardly written anything original, except for writing prompts in over 2 months, and lately, I’ve been borrowing from dialogue excerpts in various novels to get a jumpstart on those.

Gotta love those breakup blues that result in creative blocks!

Anyway, the event started with a writing prompt. I picked it and what came up was something that had been lacking in my world – discipline.

Discipline makes a dry subject to write about, so instead I turned discipline into a character study. The end result is that I finally wrote SOMETHING NEW, DAMMIT! 

Besides being totally excited that I just wrote something fresh, I was pleased enough with the piece to share it here. Because all writers need discipline to do what we do.


It’s such a dirty word because it’s so necessary.

If Discipline were a woman, she’d be a rail thin, long-limbed, tight-lipped clichéd librarian type with angular features and humorless eyes.

But she gets the job done.

She gets up at 4:30 AM to meditate, eat a light breakfast, workout, shower, and dry her hair, only to put in a tight knot at the base of her neck.

Her hair is chestnut brown and her eyes are a flat hazel.

She would then dress primly and properly for her day job, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a librarian, but would have to involve DISCIPLINE because that’s her jam.

All her appointments are timed impeccably.

Any client who is not on time will lose time with her for her to welcome her next appointment, no matter how much money or power is involved. She does not tolerate lateness because she is never late herself.


Her clients are rarely late for their appointments with her.

For an hour lunch, she only spends fifteen minutes eating.

The rest of the time, she power walks around the park or gets some work done on a personal project that she does for love and giggles – like maybe writing a novel.

She will later work on this project for exactly two hours that night after work, before cooking and after dinner.

Even if she has a partner/lover/husband/kids or all of the above, nothing can sway her from her 2 hours of personal time on her project.

It is quite likely though, that Discipline is a child-free woman.

Kids are too messy and too demanding for her strictly-adhered to schedule. They have too many needs, and are prone to getting sick at the most inconvenient times.

Discipline has few girlfriends, because most women are frightened of her.


She has one best friend, who is as organized, driven, and focused as she is. They bonded over their mutual impatience and disdain for fluffy, flaky types.

If they aren’t roommates, Discipline and her bestie meet for dinner or a show at least once a week, and they talk on the phone at least twice a week. Like most besties, they text back and forth just about every day.

When Discipline has a lover, you can bet she is kinky as all get out, a merciless domme with severe red lipstick painted on her narrow lips.

She is efficient in how she doles out punishment, and of course, discipline. Orgasm is always guaranteed. For herself as well as her lover.

GiveYourselfSomethingtoWriteAbout-Discipline1 copy.jpg

She prefers to dominate the dominant types. Power gives her a grim satisfaction, and the thrill makes her flesh tease and tickle.

Discipline always goes to bed between 9 and 10 PM, after a cool shower where she flosses and brushes her teeth.

The last half hour of waking is reserved for the reading that she does solely for pleasure.

Her choice of novels are those that will transport her to another world of adventure, mystery, and the erotic for those last 20-30 minutes before she relaxes enough that her eyelids grow heavier and heavier.

Then she turns out the light and collapses under the covers and falls asleep within minutes. Her slumber will last somewhere between 6 ½ and 7 hours.

During that time, she will reach the vivid dreaming REM at least three times.

Then the alarm will sound at 4:30 AM and her new day begins.

I aspire to be more like this woman, but I know that will never happen. But that is how I see Discipline. Even a few crumbs of this would make me so much more productive.

For the record, I did get back to work on the Shepherd and the Courtesan. If you’d like to see a segment of that work-in-progress, click here.